• ​​​​​​Coordinating headrail colors​

  • Single, double, unique shapes, and large cell sizes available

  • Sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, and opaque options


Unique folds of material create cells that help insulate your home, preventing heat loss at the windows when it’s cold and helping to retain cool air when it’s hot outside.

Lower your energy consumption and energy bills long-term with these innovative treatments.

Other Key Features


  • Four Cell Sizes  ⅜" to  1 ¼"

  • ​​Motorization and smart home integration options available


  • ​Child Safe lifting systems available | Accu-Rise®, Lift & Lock™ and motorized




Along with a vast selection of cell sizes, colors, textures and opacities the Parasol® Cellular Shade Collection comes in design styles to fit your varying needs.

• Top Down/Bottom Up
• Duo Lucent™ | Two shades in one
• Sky Light & Side Light options
• Multiple shades on one      headrail


The Best for Kids™ label makes it easy to identify products that are best suited for homes with kids and pets. Our Parasol® Collection offers many child safe lifting options to give you peace of mind.

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  Parasol Cellular Blinds