​​​​​If you have read other interior designers' profiles you are probably expecting me to tell you how the most gratifying part of my job is getting to know my clients well enough to design spaces for them that are not only beautiful, but are a personal expression of the client. I could mention how I layer a room, create balance and maybe throw in a bit of Feng Shui to really get your attention. Well…..I do have a penchant for getting to know my clients so well that I can design their rooms and select pieces to meet their needs that they may have never thought of themselves.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE meeting new people and finding out about them, their likes and dislikes, their kids and family life and I do know a thing or two about Feng Shui.  In these ways, I am like most interior designers, but the similarities end there.

I am an experienced, innovative designer who is very focused on service. My 25 years experience includes employment as a Regional Supervisor for Perry Ellis in New York City, as well as positions as store designer and store manager for some of the finest and largest retail furniture and design companies in Western New York. My vast knowledge of home furnishing industries is unsurpassed in the Buffalo/Rochester Market. That knowledge, along with my integrity, wills me to present all possible design solutions to my clients...usually saving them thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars!

Although I have earned a reputation as a perfectionist, with meticulous organizational skills, I have an easy-going, enthusiastic personality and like to keep things fun for my clients.  This allows my clients to enjoy the process of decorating their home, while I worry about the details, preventing mistakes and saving money.  I am very passionate about projects of any size-whether I am offering complete design services for a million dollar home or simply helping clients choose paint colors and finishes for an existing home. I feel everyone should have their haven-regardless of their budget.   

Yes, those are the words a previous employer of mine said-repeatedly. Sadly, this is the attitude of a lot of local businesses toward their customers who spend thousands and thousands of dollars with them.  I am kind and sincere by nature…..believe most people are good and that I should try my best-in all that I do.  By the time I am done with most of my projects, my customers consider me a friend, and we stay in touch. To me, business is VERY personal.

  Store designers are paid to do just that...sell their stores' products and only their stores' products. I can take you to any resource center, retailer or online shopping network...whatever meets your needs/likes/pocketbook. DEFINITELY LESS $ TO HIRE DIANE GAREY.

I am BIG on:FAITH-FAMILY-COMMUNITY-Married 21 years to the love of my life, with 2 beautiful boys. I give back to my community by donating my design skills to those affected by illness/violence and volunteering as a youth leader for the Cub Scouts of America, St. Stephen RC Religious Ed & American Cancer Society Relay for Life.


Diane Garey Interiors

"Love Your Home!"

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